Monday 28 November 2016

Ragi Idli with Vegetables

A well liked recipe from a friend. Ragi is rich in Calcium and consuming it in the steamed form with vegetables makes it more palatable for those who are not used to its taste. This recipe does not use Ulundu / Urad dal.

Serves 4 people

 Whole Ragi 250 gms
Ladies finger 125 gms.
Parboiled Red rice aka Idli rice 50 gms
Fenugreek or Vendhayam seeds 10 gms or Two Tsps 
Grated vegetables of carrot, cabbage, capsicum etc -  75 gms
Sprouted peanuts (optional) 50 gms
Rock salt 2 tsp

Soak everything except bhindi separately for 5 hours.
Use little or no water and grind ragi into a thick paste.
Grind rice and fenugreek seeds into a thick paste.
Slice ladies fingers into thin circles and grind it into a smooth paste without adding water.
Add salt.
Blend everything together.
Set aside for 4 hours.
Add vegetable gratings and sprouted peanuts
Pour out small sized idlis on idli plates.
Steam in medium flame for 20 mins
Switch off, remove idli plates and make sure they are cooked.
Wait for 5 minutes to cool off .
Scoop and serve with Cbutney.

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